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One to One Private Class
Our art program is fun, it is not only fun, but also helps children gradually build and develop visual language and think visually.

We design different themes based on children's life experiences and interests. In the class we provide inspiring conversation, interesting art techniques and a variety of materials; we give children encouragement and professional instructions. In the sequential lessons, students work on drawing, painting and mixed media, they will explore the qualities of materials in depth and use this knowledge in making images of importance to them.

After class, we set up an online account for every school year student. It is like a bridge of communication. Parents can know and review their child's work through online portfolio and give feedback anytime.

Regular class: We run the program by school year. It has fall term, winter term and spring term from September to June.

Summer class: July - August. In the summer students will focus more on using a variety of materials and mixed media that help develop a strong foundation for creative thinking and build up confidence in art expressions.

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