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Do you have passion for art and children? Would you like to work in the community surrounding? We are looking for art instructors who have similar teaching concept and strong interest in help children with art to join our classes now.

Job description:
1. Spend adequate time prepping for each lesson.
2. Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to class for set up
3. Follow our educational methods and content to inspire children in drawing and all other art activities.
4. Cooperate with another art instructor to help children with their needs in class.
5. Tidy up after class.
6. Have a hand in marketing and promotion.

Required Skills:
• Interested in helping children with art
• Strong English communication skills - you are required to communicate to parents about our course sometimes
• Highly energetic, patient, RESPONSIBLE and RELIABLE
• A background in visual art/design, understand children's developmental stages in art.
• Capacity for classroom management
• Art teaching experience for children will be an asset.

You need to have a digital camera to take pictures for children's artwork. Criminal Background Check is required. Please be aware this is a part time job.
If you have a desire to inspire children with art, we are glad to know you!

Please email your resume or a brief about yourself to classes@eekoarts.com. Thank you!

Volunteer Opportunity

We welcome high school students needing community service hours, coop students, college and university students seeking internships for teachers college or a variety of graduate programs in different fields to help in classes.

You can come to help once a week by each term (around 8 -12 weeks). We offer TTC tokens for your trip.

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