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We are interested in the influence of art on a child's growth. We understand children's developmental stages in art. Our program focuses on children's life experience and interests. Through theme based drawing, painting, mixed media, and interaction with materials, we help children gradually develop their physical, emotional, intellectual, perceptual, social, and aesthetic abilities.

Creativity is not for a privileged few, or limited to a few children with special gifts. Every child has capacity to be creative. Our teaching aim is to help children increase their capacity to create meaning and to make sense of themselves and the world around them! We believe only when image making is directed toward concrete and personally significant experiences of children, there is a real focus for the creation of meaning.

We set up our classes in the communities where children can enrich their art activities after school and discover how the power of art unlocks their creative potential and helps them understand the world with a different vision.

Value and Beliefs

  • When a child is drawing or painting, we believe his/her feelings and ideas are more important than technical cleverness
  • Every child is unique. What he/she does and makes will never be the same as what anyone else does. So it is necessary to know how to grow and develop creatively
  • Children can find out what each material will do and become skillful in its use through practical work
  • Through mastery of materials, children enhance the sense of competence and can create images important to them

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