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" Art for the adult is usually concerned with the aspect of aesthetics or external beauty. For the child art is something quite different.

For a child, art is primarily a means of expression. No two children are alike, and, in fact, each child differs even from his earlier self as he constantly grows, perceives, understands, and interprets his thought. A child is a dynamic being; art becomes for him a language of thought.

Art has the value of communication. A child expresses his thoughts, feelings, and interests in his drawings and paintings and shows his knowledge of his environment in his creative expressions. Through pictures, children make communication with familiar people; they develop skills for living, and build a sense of trust.

As being an expression of the inner self and a communication method, art also is something that reveals the development that accompanies a child’s age. Children’s drawings have an order of development reflecting physical, intellectual, perceptual, social, aesthetic, and emotional growth. "

- Victor.Lowenfeld     

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