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I started teaching art for children in a community centre since 2007. I love and appreciate the art of children. Every time I see a child's drawing, something inside my heart is kindled. I desire to explore children's world, to understand what they think, what they feel and what they want to express.

I believe there is a magical world in a child's heart where is full of fun, imagination and creativeness. Children are born to use images to express their inner-self. Every child has infinite potential, so art is a key, it can activate children's mind, unlock their creativity, and give them a happy and wholesome growth.

I have long time worked in the commercial art and graphic design. I thought I would continue being there. However, God led me to explore another path. I enjoy working with children. I chose this direction because for me, it has the potential for greater personal fulfillment!

Biography of Eeko Lin

  • Passion to help children grow through art
  • Fine arts bachelor’s Degree from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China
  • Post-Diploma Certificate in Digital Media from George Brown College, Toronto
  • Two years study experience in Paris, France in exploring contemporary art and design
  • Over ten years experiences in commercial art industry as graphic designer and art director
  • Over ten years experiences for teaching children art
  • Strength in planning art program for different age groups, design lessons with different topics and a variety of materials to inspire learning abilities
  • Specialized in studying the influence of art on children’s growth

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